Canada’s Cyber Security Challenge will offer different levels of rewards for different participants:  University and college students will win internships this year at CyScott-2016.  In the future, young professionals will win prizes and new jobs.  And it will be a challenging and rewarding experience for everyone!


Business Partners:                                           .

By sponsoring a event, companies will get wide exposure as cutting-edge leaders in cyber security.  Also, business partners will have immediate access to event winners for internships and job vacancies, as well as building a wide talent pool for future opportunities.


Educational Institutions:

As well as the prestige in participating and hosting these events, schools will be attracting top candidates for coming years.

In addition, the Cyber Security Challenge will be a practical, real-world application of the subjects taught in the IT Security classroom and labs.



A chance for Canada to join the worldwide community in enticing new talent into our cyber security industry.  The goal is to one day be ranked with the world leaders in this field.