CyberSCI-Co(vid) Edition is a fun summer CTF online event organized by the CyberSCI team to keep everyone engaged and avoiding insanity during these bizarre Covid days.

When: Submissions by Wednesday, July 15. Event on Saturday July 25.

Event Summary*

  • An online event scheduled on Saturday, July 25th, 2020 between 4PM – 11PM (Eastern Time).
  • To be eligible:
    • Be a from a CyberSCI regional winning team from our Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver events, plus four teams from Calgary/Saskatoon.
    • Entry Requirements: Each team must develop and contribute to the competition’s Cyber Range with a “vulnerable VM” (a cyber target).
  • During the event, attack other teams’ VMs.
  • Pizza delivered to your Door!
  • Huge respect for “Best VM”. Plus maybe a lame trophy.
    … also small acknowledgement for “Best Attackers”.
  • Weekly updates will be sent out every Friday until event.


  1. Who can attend the event?
    Invitation is open to the regional winning teams of 2020 CyberSCI competitions from:
    Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver events, plus one team from each of the four schools who registered in Calgary.  (Cancelled by Covid-19.)
  2. Are substitutions allowed on the team?
    If someone from your original team is not joining this event, then substitutions are allowed.  Preferably someone who is returning to your school in September, so we can keep the community going!  Failing that, then anyone from any school: still in school or just graduated this year.  No professionals!
  3. What is the entry fee?
    While there will be no entry fees, each team must develop and contribute a “vulnerable VM” (a cyber target) to the competition’s Cyber Range.

Cyber Range and VMs*

  1. How do I design and submit a VM into the competition?
    • Register your team to the competition by sending up to 4 names, emails, and preference:
      Which OS:  Ubuntu or Windows?
        – Ports:  What will be exposed to attack on your VM?
    • Request a CyberSCI mentor by July 8 for onboarding and scheduling a 2-part review session.
          – Your mentor(s) will contact you to arrange a demo of your VM.
    • Demo your proposed VMs starting July 15 with mentors for review and feedback.
    • Implement their feedback
    • On the 2nd session, by July 22, demo your working, vulnerable VM for final approval.

2. How many VMs can a team submit?
– We are expecting one VM to be submitted per team.  But if you need more, we can arrange it.  Only “target” VMs though.  Or background services.  (We have no budget for “practice” VMs, sorry.)


  1. How many people can be on a team?
    • A maximum of four people can form a team. 
  2. How do I register my team to the competition?
  3. How do I update my team membership?

Event Platforms*

  1. Is this event happening in-person or online?
    • This event will take place online.
  2. How will I connect to the competition?
    • The competition will utilize a variety of platforms for hosting the Cyber Range, and conferencing into the event – AWS for the Cyber Range, Zoom for video conferencing and Slack (or possibly Discord) for messaging.

Rules*[More on this on next update]

Event Day Agenda* [More on this on next update]


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