Job Descriptions

Kick-start your career:  Winners will be offered a 4-6 month intern position in a cyber security role at one of the sponsoring companies.

Are you interested?  Job descriptions are posted below.  Please note:

This cyber challenge is designed for students who are interested in these jobs.

That’s because the sponsors are on-site to hire the winning students.  If you are not interested in the jobs, and you come to the event, you are only taking the place of another student who is looking for one of these jobs.  So please consider carefully: if these jobs are too advanced, or too low-level for you – or if you already have a job somewhere else, then please leave the spot on your team for someone who is genuinely interested.

Are you eligible?  Canadian citizenship: Some employers are required by law to hire only Canadian citizens who have 5 or 10 years of verifiable residency in Canada.  Other employers have no strict requirements (you only need to be eligible to work in Canada).  Please read the job descriptions carefully to verify this requirement.

Sample job postings from Previous Years:  All hiring sponsors will have positions they are going to fill on the day of the event.  These are the job descriptions used in prior years.  (This year’s postings are coming soon.)

Description-English (PDF):  Bank of Canada
Description-Français (PDF):  Banque du Canada
Citizenship: priority will be given to Canadian citizens and permanent residents.  Must be eligible for Secret security clearance.

Description-English (PDF):  CGI
Citizenship:  Must be eligible for Secret security clearance.

Description-English (PDF):  Bell
Description-français (PDF):  Bell
Citizenship: must be legally entitled to work in Canada and have the right permits.