Sponsors’ Objectives: 

  • Hire top talent.
  • Enhance standing as an IT Security Leader in the community
  • Encourage the best and brightest students to work hard learning IT Security
  • Help build a strong and motivated pool of cyber security talent to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Sponsor’s Commitment:  Must hire at least one Intern for 4 to 6 months in a full-time IT Security position.

Event Format:  Sponsors will be given access to participants during the event (networking and as observers), plus access to the student reports and panel interviews (as judges).

Event Content:  Sponsors will be given an opportunity to shape the event content to ensure it conforms to the skillset they are looking for from the winning participants.

Winner Selection:  An honorary prize (Cyber Cup) will be given to the four members of the winning team, as a group, for Phase 1.  (3-hour cyber competition).

But for final phases the field is narrowed to the top three teams.  Up to 12 participants will submit a written report and do individual panel interviews with judges.  This will allow sponsors to select a specific candidate from any of these top three teams for job offers.

Advertising and Publicity:
– Press releases at school start, and again just prior to event.  Expect good local media coverage.  Strive for a national syndication.
– Sponsors names will be included on website and official event communications.
– Company posters are permitted at competition site (coordinate across sponsors.)
– Hand-outs are permitted (coordinate across sponsors.)
– 3-minute corporate presentation to students (recruiting theme) will be allowed.

Technical Staff Commitment:  Must furnish a judge to be present during entire competition.

Marketing/Publicity Staff Commitment
:  Must attend an overview meeting and agree general guidelines for a joint publicity strategy.

Cost:  $800 contribution to cover costs.  (Equipment, publicity, lunch at the event.)

Judging:  Judges from all sponsors will work as a panel during the interviews.  They can share notes or not, as they see fit.  Each sponsor may choose to make an offer to any candidate, so top students may receive multiple offers.  Sponsors who do not get an acceptance from their preferred candidate are committed to making subsequent offers until one candidate accepts.  We must be sure that four students are hired from this event!

Current Sponsors:

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