CyberSCI Regionals

Canada’s Cyber Security Challenge

Next event:  January 23, 2021

Due to the continued global pandemic, we will hold the regional CyberSCI events on-line instead of in-person for this school year (2020/2021).  We can’t let Covid win!

All regional events – Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver – will take place on the same day online this year: January 23, 2021.

In fact, we started running online CyberSCI events in July 2020, and we have a format that works. See our pages for CyberSCI-Co(vid) Edition, under our monthly workshops.

We have to make this happen! There will be a whole cohort of smart and talented students graduating this year.  They are anxious to prove they’re are ready to work hard and make a difference – despite the Covid challenges that they’ve faced. They don’t want to be skipped, and employers don’t want to miss out on hiring them. This is a whole cycle of students who are extra hardened and determined to show their worth.

Form your team and register for CyberSCI through your university or college cyber club, or academic representative.

Sponsor the event and have a chance to work with, then interview and hire the winners.

Format: CyberSCi regional events on January 23, 2021 will be done in our typical format: cyber challenge in the morning, interviews in the afternoon, and job offers by supper (for summer and co-op jobs) or later in the week (for full-time graduate posts). But this year it will all be done online.

Hiring process: This is the heart of the event. Employers are embedded with the student teams, in online text and video chat rooms, throughout the day. This is enforced. It’s an opportunity to see how people work in teams, and online. It emulates an actual work situation – particularly since online work is the current norm.

By mid-day the winners will be determined, and invited to join sponsors’ chat rooms for an interview. Technical topics are the norm, again just as they would be at work (tell us how you solved that problem…). And time is given for questions regarding teamwork and human resource considerations.

After the interviews there is a quick sponsor coordination meeting, to avoid confusing and overlapping job offers. Finishing with verbal (video chat) offers to the best candidates.

Regional coordination: Students and sponsors will be grouped in chat rooms on a regional basis (metropolitan area), for employers who have a strong preference for a local candidate – particularly once the health restrictions are lifted.