Job Descriptions

Canada’s Cyber Security Challenge is looking for students who are really excited about Cyber Security.

If you’re looking for a great job in this field, and if you’ve done a few courses and practiced some skills, then this is the event for you. The sponsors hiring at this event are not stuck on your resume, they are looking for people who can show they’ve got talent. You can break out of the trap of “can’t get a job due to no experience, and can’t get experience due to no job”. This is your chance to break into a career in cyber security!

Your future responsibilities

You will work on live cyber security projects with supervision and coaching from experienced security professionals in a full-service IT security department.

You will get real-world experience and have the opportunity to work with and receive training from members of teams such as:

  • Cyber Operations: Security monitoring and security device management services.
  • Security Assurance teams: Vulnerability management, security assessment and pen testing services.

Your knowledge and skills

You are a team player with a strong interest in cyber security who can plan and organize work and react quickly to change. You provide consistent attention to detail and monitor the quality of your work. You are also able to manage protected and confidential documents and information. As well, you possess strong written and oral communication skills.

Responsibilities may include:

    • Performing vulnerability management testing of information systems and applications
    • Producing written and analytical reports and dashboards on key cyber risks
    • Monitoring security alerts of potential hacker attacks detected by security systems such as: Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems (NIDS/NIPS, HIDS/HIPS, WIDS), Log Monitoring, File Integrity Monitoring and SIEM
    • Investigating and reporting on potential security incidents
    • Assisting with IT security investigations, exercises and tests
    • Identifying and notifying organization of discovered security threats
    • Providing recommendations to clients to assist with eradicating discovered threats

Must possess:

    • An interest in the cyber security field
    • Solid skills with Linux commands and/or Windows PowerShell
    • A moderate to advanced knowledge of networking protocols and configuration gained from class work, labs and probably hours of tinkering with your home network (physical or virtual routing and switching)
    • Perhaps some experience with cyber challenges (CTFs) either in person or online
    • A strong desire to learn and grow while working alongside highly experienced members of a well-established IT security team