Based on the mayhem, elation and frustration of the CyberSCI-Co event last week, some teams are asking for more.  What is wrong with you people?

So we’re proposing another event this month… but with less frustration.  It’ll be more like the regular CyberSCI events – with hints and mentoring.  More like a workshop. 

 – More learning
 – Less pain
 – Prep for CyberSCI regional events in January
 – Help build the community

Here’s the plan, so far. Details will be added as they become available.

 – We’ll choose one of the VMs from CyberSCI-Co.
 – The team who built it will give a hint or two to get people going.
– We’ll stop every half hour to make sure now one is totally stuck.
 – Builder team will distribute advice, encouragement and empathy.
 – Everyone can choose to work in teams, or individually.
 – Open to all students plus participants from any previous CyberSCI event.

Date: Saturday, Aug 22
Time: 4pm – 10pm Eastern Time (Mentors/coaches from 4pm – 8pm)
So starting time is 5pm Atlantic, 2pm Mountain, 1pm Pacific.
Place: CyberSCI Discord server

Registration: Please register so we have enough VMs. <– Important!

Prizes: The joy of having fun and helping each other.
           Plus maybe some random prize draws, if we can find a sponsor.