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IC3 - International Cybersecurity Challenge and Conference

San Diego, California – August 1 – 4, 2023

Congrats to CyberSci Team Canada!

1st Place – King-of-the-Hill

CyberSci National Finals - PowerGPT Edition

Ottawa, June 1-4, 2023

AI is put in charge of the Canadian power grid.  Hilarity ensues.

Can you break into these systems and rescue the country?

In a high-stakes move intended to modernize Canada’s critical infrastructure and reduce costs, the federal government turns to the latest in Artificial Intelligence, a powerful Large Language Model called PowerGPT, to develop the software for its new Can-doo Nuclear Generating Station in Fallout Falls, Ontario.

Initially, authorities had doubts about handing such an important project to an AI system, but they were quickly impressed by the LLM’s capabilities. PowerGPT can analyze vast amounts of data in seconds and provides insights that would have taken humans years to uncover.

It quickly gets to work, developing software that controls every aspect of the nuclear plant’s operations, from the control room systems to the safety protocols. PowerGPT analyzes every scenario imaginable and designs protocols to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the plant.

The project is delivered on schedule and under cost, and the new software systems are brought online for ease of access and management. All seems well…

…until hackers from all over the internet discover the software and put it through the paces. All systems start crashing. The work of the station is paralyzed. The sad realization sets in – AI-generated software may look correct on the surface but is riddled with bugs and security issues.

Desperate, the government hires your team to help defend the station’s software from the unrelenting hacker onslaught.

Can you quickly fix the vulnerable services before an attacker causes a nuclear catastrophe?

*This is a completely fictitious scenario for educational purposes only. There is no place called Fallout Falls.

CyberSci Regionals - November 5, 2022 Congrats! to the Winners in All Six Cities


European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC)

September 13-16, 2022 – Vienna, Austria

Congrats to CyberSci Team Canada!

1st Place – Guest Countries

CyberSci Canadian National Finals

 June 25-26, 2022 – Ottawa

Gary Miller of CGI presents to:
Max Li,  Joshua Liu,  Larry Yuan,  Junyi Wang


Vaughn Hazen of CN presents to:
Kevin Liu,  Jason Ngo,  Liam Buchan,  Sarah Bornais


Nathalie Casar and Patricia Brazeau of Bank of Canada present to:
Daniel Sabourov,  Andy Cal,  Youssef Soliman,  Matthew Toms-Zuberec


CyberSci Regionals: 44 Teams, 6 Winners!

November 2021  (Omicron delay to January 15, 2022) – Six regions across Canada

European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC) - Prague, Czechia

September 28 – October 1, 2021 – Prague, Czech Republic

CyberSci Canadian National Finals - Online


Thank you! to all the finalists who participated in the CyberSci Canadian national championships on the July 17/18, 2021 weekend!

Winners endured hard work and plenty of practice, then had to win regional qualifiers in January, and these nationals in July.  They are now poised to become Canada’s future cyber leaders.



CyberSci Regionals 2020 - Online

Nationals - CyberSci(co) Online



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