Skills Required

Students will be challenged to demonstrate their skills in the following areas.
Networking fundamentals
 – How a network device communicates over TCP/IP.  (first 4 layers of TCP stack)
 – How traffic flows between networks/subnets.
 – Network commands and tools
    – The “route” and “ip” commands.  Some “netstat”.
    – Nmap, including outside of local subnet.
DNS commands and tools
    – Host, dig, nslookup
 – DNS configuration
    – Bind configuration files.
HTML / Web servers
    – Formatting tags.  GET and POST.
    – Very elementary JavaScript.
    – Understand web exploit techniques such as SQL injection, File includes, Directory traversal, simplistic Cross-site scripting, etc.
Network File Sharing
    – UNIX: mount and umount.
    – Windows: net use and  netsh.
Basic SQL
    – Show, describe databases and tables.
    – Basic “Select” statements and wildcards.
Hacker Tools
    – Password cracking
    – Traffic monitoring
    – Metasploit Framework  (using existing exploits, no development)
Not these…
 – No reverse engineering.  No memory inspection/manipulation.
 – No interaction with routing protocols (RIP, BGP, OSPF, etc.)
 – No coding needed during the event.
And remember
It’s a hacker event.  There will be surprises.  There will be no apologies.  Deal.