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CyberSci Regionals - November 5, 2022
Congrats! to the Winners in All Six Cities

Real Excitement for the Top Three Teams In Each Region


Winners - CyberSci Atlantic Region - January 15, 2022

Atlantic Region Team Name Team Members
Dalhousie 1st Singularity Rafael Copstein
Egil Karlsen
Zolboo Erdenebaatar
Keremalp Durdabak
Amous Qiu
UNB   2nd UNBCTF1 Matthew Toms-Zuberec
Micah Landry
Noah Clements
Stephen White
Larissa Thorne
UNB   3rd UNBCTF2 Rohit Bhardwaj
Tash Zaman
Jacob Pembleton
Priyansh Jain
Grace Kiely


Winners - CyberSci Montreal Region - January 15, 2022


Montreal Region Team Name Team Members
Polytechnique 1er PolyCyber2 Nada Alami
Montréal Stefan Cortargasanu
Anthony Depachtère
Romain Lebbadi-Breteau
ETS  2ème Hack the planETS Linden Brochu
Jonathan Bouchard
Alexis Martin
Jeanne Mas
Alexandre Ondet
Polytechnique  3ème Step Jimmy Bell
Montréal Christophe St-Georges
David Saikali
Julien Bourque
Justine Ouellette


Winners - CyberSci Ottawa Region - January 15, 2022

Ottawa Region Team Name Team Members
Algonquin 1st Malware Enablers Jason Ngo
Andre Ivahnenko
Tyler Menard
Jordan Kengis
Carleton   2nd SHA SHA Slide Ethan Houlahan
Will Peppler-Man
Robert Wu
Emma Sewell
Rebecca Kempe
Ottawa U   3rd 0xG33G335 Makwana Harsh Ramesh
Ryan Awad

Winners - CyberSci Toronto Region - January 15, 2022


Toronto Region Team Name Team Members
Waterloo 1st Team Canada Joshua Liu
Youssef Soliman
Junyi Wang
Max Li
U of T   2nd ICEbreakers William Fung
Arjun Rathaur
James Cox
Thomas Mayer
U of T   3rd UofTCTF Letian Cheng
William Khem-Marquez
Andre Cura
Annika Chhoa
Joseph Zhu


Winners - CyberSci Calgary Region - January 15, 2022

Calgary Region Team Name Team Members
uCalgary 1st Manzara's Magpies Christina He
Delara Shamanian
Ethan Sengsavang
Alex Tenney
Dan Sabourov
MacEwan   2nd Keith Sabine
Taylor Bennett
Meaghan Neill
Nemi Rai
Andrew Numrich
SAIT   3rd The SAITists Isaac Privett
Andy Wang
Andrew Akhile
Taraneh Sadat Khodai

Winners - CyberSci Vancouver Region - January 15, 2022

Vancouver Region
Team Name Team Members
UBC 1st Maple Bacon Kevin Liu
Liam Buchan
Kevin Zhang
Jason Hsu
Lily Lin
uVic   2nd
Pencil Testers Kyle Stang
Malcolm Seyd
Russell Waterhouse
Joshua Machado
Katelyn Dhami
SFU   3rd SFU Nucleus Aman Saxena
Ayush Bajirao
Jay Garchar
Brij Bhatia
Manogna Paramathmuni


Congrats to CyberSci Team Canada!

1st Place – Guest Countries – ECSC European Finals

September 13-16, 2022 – Vienna, Austria


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