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Regional Hiring Event: November 5, 2022

Regional Events Are Hiring Events

Previous Regional Event - Jan. 15, 2022
Congrats! to the Winners in All Six Regions

Real Excitement for the Top Three Teams In Each Region

Winners - CyberSci Atlantic Region - January 15, 2022

Atlantic Region Team Name Team Members
Dalhousie 1st Bletchly Park Rafael Copstein
Conrado Boeira
Aishik Sanyal
UNB 2nd UNBCTF2 Reid Hurlburt
Grace Kiely
Braeden Ruff
Larissa Thorne
NBCC 3rd NBCC-T1 Cody Lynch
Josh Krause
Nhan Nguyen
Obum Ofor


Winners - CyberSci Montreal Region - January 15, 2022


Montreal Region Team Name Team Members
Poly Montreal 1st step Jimmy Bell
Christophe St-Georges
David Saikali
Julien Bourque
ETS 2nd cubermitis Charles Guertin
Concordia Nicolas Berbiche
Tristan Gossselin-Hane
Alexandre Lavoie
UQAM 3rd HackQAM Pierre-Olivier Brillant
Simon Desormeaux
Armand Briere
Yonis Axmed


Winners - CyberSci Ottawa Region - January 15, 2022


Ottawa Region Team Name Team Members
Carleton 1st null root Adam Nimour
Anoushka Singhal
Robert Babaev
Elias Hawa
Carleton 2nd Team Rocket Trent Holmes
Timothy Sullivan
Nicolas Hawrysh
Emma Sewell
Algonquin 3rd HackAttack Sabrina Scriver
Tarek Abdelnaby


Winners - CyberSci Toronto Region - January 15, 2022

Toronto Region Team Name Team Members
Waterloo 1st scam Larry Yuan
Jazzy Singh-Bedi
Max Li
Junyi Wang
Sheridan 2nd banana Connor Laidlaw
Minh Giang
Kyle Doucette
Luca Di Bartolomeo
U of T 3rd UofTCTF Azalea Gui
Youssef Soliman
Jay Lee
Letian Cheng

Winners - CyberSci Calgary Region - January 15, 2022


Calgary Region Team Name Team Members
uCalgary 1st Manzara's Magpies Alxandra Tenney
Ethan Sengsavang
Nicholas Cervania
Ejaaz Lakhani
MacEwan 2nd 4 Griffins Taylor Bennett
Meagan Neill
Nemi Rai
Keith Sabine
uCalgary 3rd 4 o'FOrked Daniel Sabourov
Sunny Mangat
Ned Liu
Yasmin Samantar


Winners - CyberSci Vancouver Region - January 15, 2022


Vancouver Region
Team Name Team Members
UBC 1st Baple Jason Ngo
1st Sarah Bornais
1st Liam Buchan
1st Kevin Liu
uVic 2nd Vikes Against Machine Kyle Stang
2nd Malcolm Seyd
2nd Max Thomson
2nd Adam Hultman
SFU 3rd Angry Newbies Yogesh Choudhary
3rd Omar Tsai
3rd Shubham Saini
3rd Yee Pan Lau


Prior Regional Hiring Events – Since 2012

Video of Regional Hiring Event

National Finals Are Prestige Events

National Finals
Ottawa : June 24 - 26, 2022

Teams from: Saint John, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver

Gary Miller of CGI presents to:
Max Li,  Joshua Liu,  Larry Yuan,  Junyi Wang


Vaughn Hazen of CN presents to:
Kevin Liu,  Jason Ngo,  Liam Buchan,  Sarah Bornais


Nathalie Casar and Patricia Brazeau of Bank of Canada present to:
Daniel Sabourov,  Andy Cal,  Youssef Soliman,  Matthew Toms-Zuberec

Previous National Finals – Winners!


Thank you! to all the finalists who participated in the CyberSci Canadian national championships on the July 17/18, 2021 weekend!

Winners endured hard work and plenty of practice, then had to win regional qualifiers in January, and these nationals in July.  They are now poised to become Canada’s future cyber leaders.


 Congratulations! to the top 3 teams from last year’s 2021 Cyber*Sci national finals.

Members of the top three teams went on to represent Canada at the European Cyber Security Challenge ECSC  in Prague in Sept. 2021, and will continue to the International Cybersecurity Challenge ICC in Athens in 2022.  We know they will make us proud!


International Events: Canada Against The World’s Best

The 2022 European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC) will welcome our Canadian team September 13 – 16, 2022 in Vienna, Austria.

Ten of our winners from the CyberSci Canadian nationals will fight to compete with the top teams from 21 European countries.

The International Cybersecurity Challenge (ICC) will welcome our Canadian team on a new date: June 14-17, 2022 in Athens, Greece

Up to 15 of our winners from the CyberSci Canadian national finals will move on to compete against the best in the world, including teams from North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

The 2021 European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC) welcomed our Canadian team from September 28 – October 1, in Prague Czech Republic.

Eight of our winners from the CyberSci Canadian nationals fought to compete with the top teams from 21 European countries.